Our Story

Fran's Surprise Biday for Bevan 2007

How Did We Meet? 

On December 23, 2005 the stars were aligned for an eventful encounter. Bevan was out with Dave, his cousin and a friend from South Africa "pre-celebrating" the holidays at the now defunct night club - Lotus.


Fran was out with UB, his wife Kate and another friend after rushing out of NJ and a Bon Jovi concert to also "pre-celebrate" the holidays. Fran found herself in a sea of pushy people and literally being lifted off of her feet (which happened to have 5 inch stilletos on) and landing on Bevan's foot. While she tried to apologize (think - loud club and screaming) - it was virtually impossible to do so. She quickly made her way to the bar and asked UB to "get her back" in case the guy whose foot she just gored would come to get her.


Bevan made his way to Fran, but instead of screaming at her, he asked her - her name (she screamed some more - Fran the footcrusher nice to meet you) and asked for her number! He proceeded to call her while she was standing next to him to make sure he took it down properly.  Suave move.  His foot healed and the rest is history...

How Did He Propose?

Bevan proposed in a crossword puzzle (he and Fran love to crosswords together) leaving her two clues: Te Quieres Casar Conmigo and Mira debajo de la almohada.


When he handed her the puzzle, Fran proceeded to do the crossword and repeatedly told Bevan that his answers were wrong. Bevan tried to put things on the right track, by asking her if he spelled the phrase correctly and then asked her to translate it.


Fran "translated" the phrase reading it in Spanish and English 3x and then by the 4th time looked at Bevan in shock. She asked where is the ring I don't understand. Bevan calmly replied - You have to read the other clue! The ring was under the pillow and she said yes. Finally!